At OyaPay, we believe

Every offline and unbanked
merchants in Africa should
be financially included.

We envision an African Economy where offline merchants
are financially included without the current barriers of cost
or technology complexity.

Cash and POS are the only medium for offline transactions
in Africa but there is a documented problem around offline transaction via cash for both consumer and merchants.

Which was why when POS was introduced in Africa, there
was huge surge in acceptance,  however using POS comes
with problems like card failures, network issues & the likes.

So we created a solution to the problem, called “OyaPay”

OyaPay is a mobile to mobile payment app that uses bluetooth and camera to transmit money between two people in any offline scenario without internet.

Company information

Lagos, Nigeria
4E Maryland Crescent,
Maryland, Lagos.
California, USA
185 Berry St #530, San Francisco, 94107, USA
Paris, France
11 Rue Carnot, 94270 The Kremlin-Bicêtre, Paris, FR