Mobile to Mobile Payment

Pay vendors and shops in close proximity without cash


No cash, No Card
no problem

Enjoy instant, simple, and secure payments at the doctor’s, in shops, at the club, or in taxis - just with your mobile app

With OyaPay Nigerians can truly go “cashless

Payment processing
with your phone

OyaPay allows you to pay businesses in close
proximity using "BluePay" and "QR" on Mobile

"BluePay" uses the power of Blue-tooth(LE),
while QR leverages your phone camera.

Good-bye to cash
on delivery

OyaPay™ works with e-commerce and delivery companies in Nigeria, so you can pay on delivery without cash or card.

All you have to do is enter the amount owed, connect and ScanPay or BluePay the merchant to finish the transaction

Download the OyaPay™ app
and get free ₦50 to start paying

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How does OyaPay work?

Setup and start paying in four easy steps.